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“The purpose of any community is to serve as a common ground for people who share similar
interests, to create opportunities for camaraderie, and to build an overall sense of belonging.”

About Us

Who We Are

Virventi brings virtual events and people together with a focus on building better user engagement for groups and associations. Our web platform allows for interactive, small-group conversations to occur during your virtual events, with versatility for organizers and control for users.

How We're Different

VIrventi goes beyond video communication to provide you with an interactive virtual social space to host your meetings & events, combined with the member management functionality you need to engage your audience, and the tools to fully monetize and grow your membership.

Getting Started


Once you create your community on Virventi, you'll be able to host engaging events and interactive experiences using our web-based virtual platform. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Create Your Community


As you begin to build your user base, you can upload member lists, host turn-key events (virtual or hybrid), and much more all with the tools you need to fully engage your audience.
Build Your Community


Monetize your events and membership to truly grow your organization through ticket sales or member dues, along with a more cost-effective option to automate messaging and more.
Monetize Your Community

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Virventi fulfills the real needs of association leaders and event marketers to build a sense of community.


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